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Whether fantastic images or advanced diagnostic aids, Metron has become a leader in X-Ray imaging for Companion Animal Dental.


Metron Imaging software produces diagnostically valuable images for both skeletal and soft tissue review.  Most systems can provide adequate “bone” presentation but few can produce quality soft tissue deal.  Even more rare is the system that can serve both interests. See below to view dental-specific online training sessions available.


Dental Positioning Guides for Canine and Feline

Dental Positioning Guides provide the ability to understand the ideal location for the x-ray machine and plate to help produce the best image.  The guides show the animal, the film/plate and the X-Ray source.  

Acquiring Images into Dental Forms

Using a form in your study allows you to create a composite image containing multiple original images. These can then be used like any single image in Metron, for example the composite image can be printed, e-mailed, etc. 


Dental forms are only available with images acquired using a DR system.

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