This new Metron is the same on the surface.  It continues to work just as you like it.   Underneath we have added some new technologies that help to make your diagnostic image even more diagnostic. 


Available in Metron 7.20 is a simplified interface for ease of use with touch screen devices. It is also designed for fast image acquisition operation.


Improved LUT tool techniques, ability to post images to Facebook, date format options for on-image annotatons and reports plus the addition of surgery planning templates simulating Kyon TTA implants are just a few more added features in Metron 7.20.


Metron has coverage for more species; histogram trimming is available to the user as an image tuning tool, improved Auto-Crop and Multi-View.


You are on the latest version if you have Metron 7.20.200 or above!


Metron 7 - Veterinary

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Metron 7 - Medical 

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iPhone and iPad Application available to display your Metron X-Rays and reports. The recipient can view (zoom, pan, mark-up on/off) and can listen to the voice annotations. 


The App is available at the Apple store.  If you are interested in using it with your iPad or iPhone, you can download it for just $29.99.  


Learn here how to install, configure and use your Metron App for your iPhone and iPad! If your primary goal is to show clients X-Ray images from exam room to waiting area, the iPad is perfect! It shows a beautiful picture and has that great iPad interface to zoom, pan, on/off markup, and listen to voice annotations with ease. 


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