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Metron-MD is medical imaging software particularly focused on chiropractic and podiatry. 


It features world class imaging algorithms, calibration and measurement tools, multi-image stitching, report generation, full DICOM compliance, and more.


New...just out of the "box!" Well, sort of...Review at any time the latest features your Metron-MD Imaging software offers you! Learn the features and put them to work for you!


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You are on the latest version if you have Metron 7.20.200 or above!


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NEW in Metron 7.20! Guided Mark-Up for Podiatry. Learn where to pick key points on your images for accessing foot alignment and deformities.


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Whether you are a Chiropractor or a Podiatrist, Metron has components you can put to work for you to aid in your patient diagnostics. There just might be a tip provided in this edition to help you out today.


Metron for Medical | Chiropractic

Metron supports a process we call “Guided Mark-Up” in order to provide a uniform way to analyze certain types of images. For example, if you have a lateral radiograph of the cervical spine or of the lumbar spine, Metron supports Guided Mark-Up of these images.


The idea in Guided Mark-Up is to follow the instructions and pick the key points in the image as Metron guides you to. Then, Metron computes several parameters from these points that were picked. Then, you choose which set of measurements you wish to display overlaid on the image. Selecting all makes quite a cluttered image, so generally you select one to four measurements that are of importance for the particular case.


Metron for Medical | Podiatry

With the release of Metron-MD 7.20, Guided Mark-Up for the Lateral Foot has been

added to include measurements for:

  • Talocalcaneal Angle
  • Calcaneal Angle
  • Meary’s Angle

Measurements can also be calculated for the 

AP Foot

  • Talonavicular Angle
  • Talometatarsal Angle
  • MTP Joint Angle
  • Intermetatarsal Angle
  • Sesamoidal Station

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