Learning Center: Guided Mark-Up | Companion Animal

Guided Mark-Up in Metron: VHS Analysis.

Metron generates three measurements based on pick points of the chest image for the important parameters of the Vertebral Heart Score.

Video Length 10:20.


Training Session (PDF)

Guided Mark-Up in Metron: TPLO Analysis for Canine.

Three measurements are generated from the joint image when the picked points are selected to provide the Tibial Plane Angle and Radial Saw Diameter. Video Length 10:00.


Training Session (PDF)

Guided Mark-Up in Metron: TTA Analysis for Canine.

Metron guides the user through a standard mark-up methodology which determines the size of the 'advancement' and thus helps select the proper surgical hardware. Video Length 9:41.


Training Session (PDF)

Guided Mark-Up in Metron: TTA-Ness Analysis for Canine.

For best TTA-Ness analysis, it is important that you can see the Talus joint in the image, but the angle of the leg bend is not critical in this method developed by Dr. Ness. Video Length 9:27.


Training Session (PDF)

Guided Mark-Up in Metron: DAR Analysis for Canine.

Metron will generate the left and right Acetabular slopes based on picked points of the joint image for this Dorsal Acetabular Rim Analysis.

Video Length 8:44.


Training Session (PDF)

Guided Mark-Up in Metron: Norberg Hip Analysis for Canine.

The right and left Norberg angles are generated based on the picked points on the hip image. Video Length 9:48.


Training Session (PDF)




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