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Whether fantastic images or advanced diagnostic aids, Metron has become a leader in X-Ray imaging for Companion Animal Skeletal.


Metron offers digital X-Ray processing, producing diagnostically valuable images for both skeletal and soft tissue review.  Most systems can provide adequate “bone” presentation but few can produce quality soft tissue detail.  Even more rare is the system that can serve both interests. 


What is Guided Mark-Up?

Metron supports a process called "Guided Mark-Up" in which the user is prompted to pick key points in a defined image. Metron then uses those picked points to compute many important parameters for the measurement of a particular equine or companion animal skeletal image.


Why would you want to use it?

The notion of Guided Mark-Up is powerful because it gives a standardized repeatable means for different practitioners to measure certain features. Metron does the calculation and the comparisons for you.


Click here to begin reviewing the Guided Mark-Up online training sessions available for your reference. Sessions are available for Equine and Companion Animal.


Quick Key in Metron: 

During Guided Markup, you can click the "Space Bar" to go to the next step while in the Guided Mark-Up process.

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