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Metron Best Practices

Image Calibration Role in Diagnostics


Metron Imaging Software offers many different Guided Mark-Up techniques to aid in diagnostics for equine and companion animal veterinarians.


The goal of an X-Ray exposure is the presentation of an image that is properly exposed containing sufficient diagnostic detail and showing minimal distortion.  


Calibration should be performed on images to allow mark-up for measurements and scoring as well as overall image quality for viewing and reports. So, what is the best method? 


Companion Animal: The "benefits" for a companion animal veterinarian is that the X-Ray generator does not move nor does the examination room table. Distance remains a constant. 


Any object of known length can be used if placed in the same lateral point (in the same line) with the point of interest. Metron has developed the Metron Auto Scaler for this purpose. Again, it is important to place the Auto-Scaler near the patient area of interest which should also be nearest the center of the X-Ray energy field - perpendicular to the central beam of the X-Ray. 


Equine: The distance between your equine patient and the generator often changes. It is critical to set the measurement calibration with each X-Ray image.


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