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Metron Feature Spotlight

The Art of Reordering Images in a Study


Before we get to any of the (shiny, new) markups, let's look at the relevant ways in which you may want your image thumbnails to present and be shown in a Metron database study.


Sometimes you may prefer to view your thumbnail images in ways that go beyond simple view. You might want to subtly alter their positions in a study to better tell the diagnostic story. 


With the Reorder Multiple Radiograph Thumbnails feature, you can replace any or all images in a study to your preference. 

In the Database Browser screen, you can now drag and drop thumbnails to reorder images within the study.  All highlighted thumbnails are deposited to this area in order at the release point.


1. Highlight one or more thumbnail(s).

2. Left click and hold on a highlighted thumbnails.

3. Drag the image(s) between two images where it should be placed and release the left click hold.


Check out the video to learn about how Metron regularly changes its art to suit your tastes.


As always, don't hesitate to call us today at 1-877-638-3868 to confirm you have the latest Metron Software feature Reorder Multiple Radiograph Thumbnails


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