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Communicating with Sign Language

Bonding with Winstonl


My profession is a speech language pathologist, I work with adults and adolescents with neurological diseases from strokes, traumatic brain injuries, etc. many of which have lost their ability to speak verbally. Knowing this was my passion at a young age, I thought it would be beneficial to take three years of sign language in college. It has now been valuable to me in more ways than one.
Meghan's Story
We adopted our first English bulldog five years ago and fell in love with the smart yet stubborn breed instantly. Fast forward five years, we were looking to adopt a second bulldog. I was shopping at the mall when I noticed a family in the parking lot exchanging a bulldog puppy with its new owners. I, of course, started petting the puppy and asked if he had any litter mates. We exchanged phone numbers, and he texted me pictures of a puppy, who was the last one left in the litter. Multiple families had come to meet him in hopes of adoption however after the breeder disclosed the puppy was deaf, he was not anyone's first choice. I knew it was destiny!  Read more....
Does your practice use the Collections feature to compare radiographs taken on different dates, but aren't sure how to use the Collections feature in Metron 8? No worries! The Metron Collections feature you have used in previous versions of Metron is still available and better than ever. It is just accessed in a slightly different way.
Metron Collections makes it easy to display images side by side that are from different moments in time for the same patient, or of different patients. For example, if an animal breaks its leg, you could use the Metron Collection feature to compare the animal's injury from onset through the recovery process.

Using Collections, you can add an X-Ray from when the leg was initially broken, a post-operative view, and then another X-Ray taken a month later once the bone begins to set.
Have not yet created a Collection in Metron 8?
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