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Metron New Features

Lumina III: Improved Image Quality


For your difficult equine stifle and back shots, an evolution in image processing with the Lumina III filter is included in the latest Metron 8.3.82 version.  

Technical Improvements in Lumina III: 

  • Our wavelet filter now supports a mode of usage in which the gain in lower-frequency bands is rolled-off, to reduce 'mottle' in some use cases.
  • A new tone-adjusting LUT is introduced at the appropriate place in the image processing pipeline to reduce bright whites for some anatomies.
  • Based on exposure level of the raw image (the 'technique' used by the practitioner) we now measure that exposure level and adjust our image processing recipe based on the exposure. This results in a 'more forgiving' system that does the right thing with both poorly-exposed and well-exposed images. Well-exposed images can be more aggressively processed, and poorly-exposed images can be saved (as much as possible).
  • Careful adjustment of image processing settings is now based on an analysis of tens of thousands of images, thanks to our huge database of images we have gathered for our Deep Learning algorithms.

The feedback we have received from our practitioners reflects the images in these more difficult shots have remarkably improved!


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