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The highlight of the Metron Digital System is the imaging software. Being able to “tweak” and manipulate images is amazing. The system is customizable not only for each practice but for each veterinarian. The training from Metron’s rep was excellent and because the software is so intuitive my staff of 11 technicians was fully trained in about a day.


Tim Loonam, DVM 

Grace Animal Hospital and Pet Lodge 


I submit a query and have a reply usually within 24hrs. I fail to see how you can improve on service like that.


Equine Dentistry is my focus in practice, and to me there’s only one choice for equine diagnostic imaging and that’s Metron.  Beyond great images, the flexibility of plate sizes and reporting tools in Metron help me to present recommendations which is one of the many missing pieces with every other imaging program.

Travis Henry, DVM

Midwest Equine Services

I can’t tell you how happy we are to have upgraded our clinic.  The decision to upgrade has been great for our practice.


The Metron software is proven to be simple to use, our clinic staff was able to be trained in very little time. Any questions that have come up have quickly been answered with a phone call to the Metron Support Staff and we really appreciate that the software allows us to fix any mistakes we might have made when putting our patient information in the system.

Lisa Schroeder, Practice Manager

Magnolia Animal Hospital 


My only regret is that I waited! This system is so easy to use and has such superior diagnostic imaging I hate thinking about reading our old films. We immediately noticed, too, how the efficiency of the whole process is making our daily workload run smoother. No more admitting patients or making their owners wait till we can find time to take-develop-dry- (and sometimes re-take) films. We are now taking radiographs and back with the owners discussing results within 10 minutes or less. The decrease in the number of “re-takes” to get that one diagnostic view is also decreasing radiation exposure for everyone involved.

Kathleen Caldwell, DVM 

DVMConnexx doesn’t stop at answering my questions, they ask questions to make sure I am using Metron to its potential.

Dr. David Kolb

Lodi Veterinary Hospital


Staff members were very personable and helped us to understand the problem. Even though it took some time to locate the difficulty they were very patient and stayed past work time to solve the problem. We were very happy with the service provided during our recent contact. Thank you.


DVMConnexx provides strong support services for my Metron Imaging Software from EponaTech.  In addition to standard installation and ongoing support services that you would expect from a services partner, they have created a support website page that provides a library of online training sessions that step clients through all aspect of the product features and usability.  Clients also can contact DVMConnexx via email or phone for any help needed.

John Craig

Metron Imaging Software

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