Metron Support Services

Formal Metron Support Services started in May of 2009 when Metron Imaging partnered with DVMConnexx.  Metron Support Services is available to support you with questions and issues, walk you through new features, assist with Image Quality, and build great training tools that help you get started and continue to improve your use of the product.  Best practices from Support Services and other veterinarians is important to understand how to improve your Metron Implementation.


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In addition to doing Metron Support Services, DVMConnexx knows how important it is that every computer and related functionality perform as planned and without interruption. It is our passion to give you a truly worry free computing experience. Their depth of expertise with all of the veterinary related technology pieces and the veterinary industry allows us the insight to offer solutions best suited to the veterinary practice.

Your veterinary practice uses computers to reduce labor costs and perform tasks that would otherwise be nearly impossible. Today's veterinary practice defines productivity through the use of computers in a very different way than the same practice did 10 years ago.   In the 1990s, the average veterinary practice came to use computers because it made invoicing easier and more accurate. Computers also made it easy to produce large amounts of reminder cards. Today, almost every function in the veterinary practice utilizes computers in some way. Computers continue to perform tasks that make your practice run more efficiently. Your clients expect it and your competition forces it.


Trust DVMConnexx to keep your computer systems—hardware and software—running smoothly. Our guaranteed fixed fees make it easy and worry-free to invest in your computer technology—and it is money well spent.




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