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You have just made a two great decisions!  Metron Imaging software is a leader in the industry producing the best-in-class digital images. You will soon be shooting images improving practice diagnostics benefiting you and your patients. 


And the second great decision? You made the move to get started with easy-to-read documents and online training sessions available to you now and whenever you need a refresher course. Whether you are looking for Skeletal instruction or your focus is the Dental product, we have information you need to produce images like you have never achieved before.


So let's get going with your training sessions!


Quick Key in Metron

The "Arrow Keys" can be used to step forward and back through a study when in the "Single Image Viewer" screen. The arrow keys on your keyboard can be used instead of the "<<Prev" and "Next>>" buttons below the anatomy graphic.

Navigating the Metron Database.

With Metron, you will always start in the 'Database Browser' screen.

This online training session will walk you through the Database Browser window...describing functions and features located in this area.


Outline and Knowledge Questions (PDF)

Acquiring New Images into the Metron Database 

If you are adding an image or an item to an existing study or acquiring images for a new animal, this training session will guide you through the steps to capture the image from a CR scanner or other device supported by Metron. Also learn how to use other features including: image rotation and magnification, grid preferences, and contrast/brightness adjustments. 


Outline and Knowledge Questions (PDF)

Multi-Image Operations in the Metron Database Browser

Here you will learn how to select one to multiple images within your Metron Database Browser and what you can do with them. There are choices including multi-view, delete, export, print, burn or create a CD/DVD and send images. 


Outline and Knowledge Questions (PDF)


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