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Database Archive and Cleanup


Are you wasting valuable resources on your acquisition X-Ray PC (Disk Space, Memory, CPU) that causes your Metron Imaging Software to perform slow? Are you receiving constant notifications from our Customer Service Team that your disk space is low?


Think about the last time you tried to clean up your Metron Database....can't remember?

  • Do you have owners, patients or studies with no images in your Metron Database?
  • Do you have unnecessary cluttered records in your Metron Database that need to be archived or cleaned up?
  • Do you hate cleaning up the duplicate owners or patients because there's just no simple way to merge them without taking a carefully measured risk?

There are some good tools now in your Metron Software. So, if you think it is a lost cause, perhaps this is the year you need to devote time.  Call us to perform basic Metron Database archive and cleanup of your X-Ray files. You'll see the rewards in increased PC performance.


Get into the habit! Set an annual date on your calendar to call us at 1-877-638-3868 so we can archive your Metron Database and cleanup the unwanted records. We can then host a mini celebration when you completed the task!

Questions??  Just contact us. We are happy to help!

Metron Web-Viewer ID


The User ID can be customized at the time the X-Ray images are being sent to an independent viewer.  As an idea, use your clients's phone number since it is unique for each patient. Use dashes or merge the

numbers together. 


As a reminder, no spaces are allowed in the User ID configuration.

Training Videos for Chiropractors

Metron supports Guided Mark-Up to aid the practitioner in patient diagnosis of the spine including lumbar, thoracic or cervical. 

View your choice of online tutorial videos!
Training Videos for Podiatrists
Generally the first to touch and the last to leave the "ground floor" each and every day, our feet deserve care and proper diagnosis when problems arise.


Metron supports Guided Mark-Up for five different measurements of the Foot AP including the Talonavicular Angle and MTP Joint Angle. The Lateral foot region is also supported.



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