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Your future in digital imaging
Metron Imaging Software is a leader in the industry producing the best-in-class digital images. You will soon be shooting images improving image diagnostics benefiting you and your patients. Improved diagnostics equates to better patient care. 

Guided Mark-Up for Chiropractors

Beneficial for the chiropractor, Metron supports Guided Mark-Up for ten different measurements of the lateral lumbar region including Jackson's Angle and Lumbar Lordosis. 


As you watch this training video you will learn a bit of Metron history plus view images and radiographs discussing Metron measurements for the lumbar spine area and the value provided for patient diagnosis and your subsequent treatment. 
Video length 9 minutes.   


New to Metron? Welcome!
Metron Support Services welcomes all the new practices who are receiving this newsletter for the first time! METRONews is a quarterly publication emailed the first Tuesday of the month.

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And know that we are here for YOU! Contact us with questions regarding navigating the software, viewing your images, and image quality. Always remember that we offer an Advanced Metron Software Training Session. This is LIVE phone training available with one of our Metron Support Services technicians for as many doctors and staff who would benefit. It is generally planned for one hour or less and can be personalized for you so let us know the Metron Software features you would like to cover.  
We take pride in our service and want to ensure your work day benefits your patient care.

Training Videos for Chiropractors

Metron supports Guided Mark-Up to aid the practitioner in patient diagnosis of the spine including lumbar, thoracic or cervical. 

View your choice of online tutorial videos!
Training Videos for Podiatrists
Generally the first to touch and the last to leave the "ground floor" each and every day, our feet deserve care and proper diagnosis when problems arise.


Metron supports Guided Mark-Up for five different measurements of the Foot AP including the Talonavicular Angle and MTP Joint Angle. The Lateral foot region is also supported.



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