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Metron Technical Requirements

This document provides the list of Metron computer specifications for laptops and workstations.


Metron Technical Requirements for Tablets

This document details the performance requirements for the

Metron Software to operate in various ways with a tablet. Devices include iPad, Android, Chromebook, Windows 8RT, Windows 8, and Windows 10.



Metron Auto Update Instructions

Steps documented through the menu options for updating your Metron software version to the latest release.


Click here for a quick step-by-step video to watch!


Metron-MD User Manual

The Metron-MD software is designed to meet international quality and performance standards. This guide has been prepared to aid medical and technical personnel to understandand operate the system. Do not operate the system before reading this manual and gaining a clear understanding of the operation of the system. 


Stitching Images in Metron-MD

This document details the process steps to connect two images together into one image from your study using Metron.



Communications with Metron

Google Drive and Metron-MD Setup for Multi-Site Clinics

Your clinic may have more than one physical location/site and each produces radiographs.  You may also want an easy way to view existing radiographs of site 1 while you are at site 2.  Or you could be at home or on a trip and want easy access to all images from both sites.  The following document details how to install and configure Google Drive on your Metron acquisition PCs and in your Google Drive Cloud account.  The result is a seamless, automatic export of every X-Ray produced to your cloud folders with one click access from any Google Drive enabled device such as a computer tablet or cell phone.


How to use the Metron Web-Viewer

This asset utilizes the Internet "Cloud" to distribute and share images with those who you share a valid user ID...such as a referral clinic or patient owner. 

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