Metron Imaging Software and Windows 10

Our Viewpoint


We recommend you stay on Windows versions 7 or 8.1 for the time being.  Although Windows 10 released July 29, 2015 is looking to become a great upgrade to Windows 7 or 8.1, we continue to test Metron Software features with the current Windows 10 and find no good reason to rush to upgrade your existing system. There's very little to gain from the upgrade and a lot to lose if the upgrade fails.  


Also important to know, Windows 10 like every Windows version upgrade, demand more computer hardware speed than its previous version.  Computers that are only a couple of years old can be good upgrade candidates but something 3+ years old may just become unusable after the upgrade.


Windows updates - Microsoft issues Windows 10 updates very often (it can be daily) and can introduce bug fixes and new features that suddenly are not compatible with Metron, your X-Ray hardware and other software programs you may be using every day. Most larger businesses stay with the their current Windows version for at least a full year and may wait two years or more before migrating to the newest Windows just because of the unpredictability during the first year or more.


While we have tested the Metron Software features with the current Windows 10 and have not encountered any major issues, for the reasons stated above, we recommend you stay on Windows 7 or 8.1 for at least 12 months following the July release date.  Many of our supplier/manufacturer partners are strongly encouraging you to wait even longer or never do it at all.


Please contact us if you have additional questions.


Thank you.



The Metron Support Services Team



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