Technique Charts

With a good technique chart that is well aligned with the settings on your X-Ray generator, you can consistently produce proper exposure for most every X-Ray shot type.  And now with the added knowledge of how and why kVp and mAs settings, you can make ... Read more


Like all other Metron tools and features, Collections will make it quick and easy to get something done.   In this case, you want to display images side by side that are from different moments in time ... Read more

Communication, communication, communication

Whether it is working together in our offices or sharing information across the planet, we all need to communicate as fundamental to business and life. Our methods of communication continues to evolve and technology is now leading the way....Read more

Regulatory compliance

I got a call the other day from a practice in Nevada.  The doctor described a Metron issue.   A visiting regulatory compliance examiner identified an issue that they stated "requires remediation". ... Read more

E-Mail DICOM image files using Dropbox

A DICOM file is a combination of patient data and high fidelity image that is often too big to e-mail as an attachment.  Metron offers the option to export one or more images to the DICOM format.  After export, share with colleagues and referral practices via Internet cloud folders like Dropbox ... Read more

Top 5 of 2015

Let's take a look back at what we believe to be the top articles/topics of 2015.


A picture is worth a thousand words

View Metron images at multiple clinic sites

  The flexibility of Metron image view

  Why is my internet so slow? ... Read more

Metron Imaging Software and Windows XP

Metron Imaging Software updates will no longer be available for the Windows XP operating system. Metron 7.40 will be the last Metron Software update supplied to practices who currently use a Windows XP computer as their Acquire or Viewing Station device.  Read more

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