The Best of 2015

Let's take a look back at 2015 and review just a few of the most popular topics featured in the METRONews publication. It is always good to review the important subjects and features that can benefit your daily practice! 


A picture is worth a thousand words

We all know it. The buyer wants to see what they are buying.


Today's pet owners want to "see" the diagnosis and treatment plan.  The price may not change, but it is their willingness to say "yes" that could change.


With today's technology, it is easy to share visual information.


Read more about how you can "Show and Tell" with Metron in your practice!

View Metron images at multiple clinic sites

Your clinic may have more than one physical location/site and each produces radiographs. 


You may also want an easy way to view existing radiographs of site 1 while you are at site 2.  Or you could be at home or on a trip and want easy access to all images from both sites. 


Well, you can now easily access all of your images by installing and configuring Google Drive on your Metron Acquisition PCs. 


Have multiple clinic sites? Read more about how you can view your Metron images everywhere!


Why is my Internet so slow?

Your Internet is slow because it is used in more ways and more often. Your Internet is slow because your Internet speed expectations have increased.


Metron is now a product and a service that utilizes the Internet for image sharing and collaboration, technical support, and software updates.   You rely on Metron to send images to specialists and colleagues. Metron depends on a reliable and fast Internet connection to get the job done. 


Today's Internet is like "power" - most of us can barely function without it. Make sure you have the speed and reliability you really need.


Click here to read the entire article.  

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