Metron Imaging Software and Windows XP

Metron 7.40 will be the last Metron Software release for Windows XP devices

Metron Imaging Software updates will no longer be available for the Windows XP operating system. Metron 7.40 will be the last Metron Software update supplied to practices who currently use a Windows XP computer as their Acquire or Viewing Station device.   


Your Metron software will continue to work on your "getting old" XP computer and we will continue to support you if you have any troubles with Metron on these computers.


But it is a good idea to plan a move to a newer, faster computer that is also running either Windows 7 or Windows 8.1.  At this time, avoid Windows 10. There's very little to gain from the upgrade and a lot to lose if the upgrade fails. Read more about our viewpoint regarding Windows 10.


Note: While Metron will work on new operating systems, there are some scanners that do not. Please check with your hardware provider or let us know of any scanner we can check for you.


When you do make the move to a new computer, we will help you migrate all of your important Metron files to your new computer.  

Just give us a call. 


Please contact us if you have additional questions.


Thank you.



The Metron Support Services Team



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