Technique Charts

It is our goal that you have a technique chart that aligns with your X-Ray generator to help produce the best images possible.  Our small animal technique charts present shot thickness and kVp. We will customize the technique chart based on your machine's mA maximum setting and its interface. 


With portable X-Ray generators you will often have kVp and mAs settings. The mAs is variable but the mA is likely a fixed value of 15, 20 etc. Though you are adjusting the mAs setting, it is really "Time" that you are changing. As you are increasing the mAs, you are increasing the Time.  


Metron Support Services will customize technique charts whether you are a small animal or equine veterinary practice.


With a good technique chart that is well aligned with the settings on your X-Ray generator, you can consistently produce proper exposure for most every X-Ray shot type. And now with the added knowledge of how and why kVp and mAs settings, you can make your own adjustments when needed.    

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